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A New Way To Market Your Business


Customer Finder advertises your business to thousands of local customers that search online for food each month, putting your business directly in front of them. 

Sends You Orders

When customers search online, before they land on your website they need to see Order Buttons. We place these buttons on Google Search Results, Your Google Profile, Social Media and even your customers  own phones driving a new stream of customers your way.

Boost Your Profile On Google

Every time a customer goes to your website or orders from you, we register that event with Google, this in turn raises your profile with them. Compare this to Food Portals who actually claim the credit when your customers order with you through them.

Collects Google Reviews

After every order we encourage  customers to leave Google reviews, which will further boost your search rankings

Drives Orders From Social Media

Turn Facebook into a source of direct orders, show your business on customers feeds when they are hungry and get the order

Email / SMS Campaigns

Choose to let our A.I run email and SMS campaigns under your specific instructions to nudge customers to re-order for you, or run the system in manual mode and configure your own campaigns.

Builds Loyal Customers

Customer Finder will run and manage for you a loyalty programme. This programme is set to your parameters, and will issue customers points and rewards encouraging them to re-order from you again and again.

Runs Promotions

We'll set Customer Finder up to manage and run promotions automatically for you. Got a customer that you haven't seen a while, or want to advertise an upcoming holiday, no worries we can sort that for you.

App Store Referrals

Customer Finder will advertise you on the Apple and Google app stores. An unknown but nice increment for extra orders. The beauty of this is when a customer in your area searches for a popular food portal, your eatery may be shown as a recommendation. A nice little extra boost that you otherwise would not get.

Refer A Friend

Customer Finder will prompt customers to refer their friends. A super powerful effect that you simply can't get with Food Portals and a great way to get more customers.

The Amazing Things Customer Finder Can Do For You


Customer Finder is the all in one package that detect and finds your customers in your local area - without using food portals

Websites + Apps

As well as finding you customers, we also provide Mobile Apps and Websites so you can take orders.

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Monthly Google Searches


Online searches each and every month from UK customers looking to order online.

Google Search Users


The number of people in the UK that regularly use Google in the UK to search for and find food, BEFORE they go on a food portal

Facebook Audience Reach


This represents the number of UK Facebook users that our system has identified as likely to purchase food online that we can also reach.

Ordering Position


How many Smartphone users in the UK that we can directly advertise to and load your logo directly onto their phone

Customer Finder has massive reach.

Our advanced technology detects real-time online activity from customers searching for food.

The true magic lies in pinpointing customers in my local area and seamlessly connecting us directly to them so they can order

Joan R.   |  Business Consultant

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