What If You Could Keep The Commission You Pay To Food Platforms?

Order Digital is an online ordering platform that targets customers near to you and gets orders without using food portals.

It's time to take back your profits

We’ve spoken to hundreds of takeaways and restaurants who all say a major concern for the future is the increasing cost of using food portals.

Our solution allows you to stay with the food portal to  benefit new orders, but using our unique technology we can  migrate those customers to your own online solution.

We put on average an extra £23,520 a year into the bank accounts of our clients.

It's not just about savings. We'll grow your business too more customers from new channels


The average additional revenue our clients generate within 12 months.


So What Exactly Is It Then?

The key to success is the placement of an App, with your Brand and Your Logo directly onto the phone of your customers.

With no clunky website to load, when customers want to order from you, tapping your app will be the easiest, fastest way to place an order.

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No Hidden Fees

We offer fair pricing and no hidden fees. There will be no sneaky price rises, no promises of the moon on a stick only to increase fees a few months in.

We'll provide a fair price and we'll stick to it.


Customer Loyalty Scheme

Our in-built loyalty system automatically allocates points and discounts to your most loyal
customers, helping to drive re-orders and maximise your profitability.



Registered Customers
"This has been a great decision for our business, and its great for our customers. Great work by the team in getting us setup"
Pete Gibson
Chief Operating Officer
Grindsmith Coffee - 5 Sites
"We get lots of orders through the app, our customers love it and it's really helped grow my business. Great support from the team too, always on the end of a phone whenever we need"
+4,400 RegisteredCustomers
Alex Steven
​Big Fish Wilmslow - 2 Sites
"What's great is our customers can just place orders directly from us and we can save the money we'd pay to Food Portals. Excellent service from the team too."
+9,800 RegisteredCustomers
Andy Theo
Chief Operating Officer
Emilios (3 Sites)
"Our sales via the app have developed dramatically. Our customers like using it and we've not had to get onto any Food Portals because we get so many orders
+2,800 RegisteredCustomers
Mike Sol
Sols Takeaway
We power the ordering for hundreds of the UKs busiest takeaways and restaurants
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