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Takeaway Ordering System

Use your own branded app to takes orders directly, without having to pay incredibly commissions to food portals

Your Own App

Our solution works for Delivery, Collection and even Table Service. 

This is ideal to migrate your existing customers from using Phone orders, which take up the time of your staff, or from using 3rd party food portals which come with excessive commissions.

Increasingly the trends show walk-ins are in decline.

The ingredient for success is online orders. Customers increasingly want convenience.

Grow your business with a premium customer experience that lets customers order from you with the tap of a button and benefit from higher basket values, increased re order rates and reduced costs.


More Revenue

Unlike a Web site there is no complex web address for your customer to remember. All they ever have to do is “tap your app”.

Expect to see higher revenues (our avg client sees a 130% increase) and lower costs.

Business Efficiency

No longer do your staff need to take orders over the phone or at the till or at the table. Instead your customers order and pay all via the app. On average our system means your staff can deal with 25% – 50% more demand, with the same staffing levels.

Stronger Loyalty

Our system includes a built in loyalty scheme that encourages customers to return and re-order from you more frequently than before. On average our clients see re-order rates over 90% and an overall increase in “higher spending” customers.


By using your own app you gain independence from Food Portals, which comes with the added benefit of up to 90% reduction in Commission fees you would pay. With customers now using your own app you are back in control of you business.

Your Brand

It's your menu, your brand, your APP


Built In Apple Pay + Credit Cards

Make it easy for customers to pay with Credit / Debit cards, Apple Pay, Points and more

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Multiple Collection Options

Start with a click & collect option and feel free to turn on delivery orders the second you want to grow your revenue streams. 


Stay In Control

  • Manage Waiting Times

  • Time Slots (Pre Orders)

  • Stock Control

  • A.I Order Control

  • Customer Refund

  • Manage Allergens

  • And More…


Analyse Your Data

Analytics is the key to success. With our system we give you the data so you can make informed business decisions.

Understand which products you are selling, what is the most popular item, who you top customers are and more.