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Case Study

How we generated orders for Emilios


Emilios had been relying on food portals like Just Eat and Deliveroo to reach customers and manage orders. However, the high fees and lack of control over their branding and customer data were starting to take a toll on their bottom line.

Emilio's considered their own online ordering platform, but were worried about they might advertise this themselves, as they'd heard of other takeaways investing in such low cost platforms, that failed to translate into orders.



Emilios turned to Order Digital for a comprehensive solution that would allow them to advertise their business to local customers, migrate their existing customers away from food portals, and provide them with their own custom-branded online ordering system - all while saving money.


With Order Digitals's Hyper Local marketing solution, Emilios was able to reach thousands of local customers with targeted advertising on Google and other platforms. They were also able to seamlessly migrate their existing customers to their new online ordering system, which was fully customised with their branding and user-friendly.



Within just a few weeks of partnering with Order Digital, Emilios saw a significant increase in online orders, as well as a noticeable decrease in fees associated with food portals. Thanks to the custom branding and user-friendly interface of their new ordering system, customers were more likely to place repeat orders and refer the restaurant to others.


Emilios also enjoyed greater control over their customer data and marketing efforts, allowing them to better engage with their audience and tailor their offerings to meet their needs.


Overall, Order Digital's solution helped Emilio's to save money, grow their customer base, and take control of their online presence.

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