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Exquisite Ordering Websites & Apps


Fully Branded Website

Get a state-of-the art website to make your business stand out from the crowd

Proper Mobile Apps

We provide fully bespoke Apple and Android Apps

Peace Of Mind

We'll set everything up for you.

Seamless Web and Mobile Ordering: Offer customers the convenience of choosing their preferred platform for ordering - be it via a user-friendly website or a mobile app.

One Tap Ordering

Visually Engaging Menus

Showcase your delicious dishes with high-quality images and compelling descriptions, making the ordering process more appealing.

Google Order Integration

We can integrate your Website and App directly with Google driving multiple clicks and orders from the biggest search site on the planet. 

Order Digital can detect customers about to order from food portals, and re-direct them to your website and app instead!

Migrate Food Portal Customers

A.I Powered Promotions

Using AI we can run and manage promotions for you. Got a customer that you haven't seen a while, or want to advertise an upcoming holiday, no worries we can sort that for you.

Drives Orders From Social Media

Turn Facebook into a source of direct orders, show your business on customers’ feeds when they are hungry and get the order.

Build Loyal Customers

AI-driven loyalty program: Identify new and existing customers, issue points with every order, and keep them coming back for more! Proven customer retention with points-based rewards.

Pre Ordering

Let customers order ahead of time, perfect for days when they're planning a special meal or event.

Auto Print Receipts

Want receipts, we can auto print them as orders come in - super easy to manage 

Delivery Zones

Set up your delivery zones and the fees to each one.

Collects Google Reviews

After every order we grab a Google review, which further boosts your search ranking and reach

Order Slots

Manage the flow of orders according to your kitchen's capacity to ensure seamless operations.

The Features You'll Love

A.I Powered Marketing

Without powerful marketing you will struggle to get orders. Our solution has you covered.

PLUS Our Powerfull Marketing

All of these features, plus the powerful marketing to give you advertising reach and drive new customers in the door

Order Digital is the all in one package that detects and finds customers in your local area without using food portals


Our apps and websites driver larger order values.


Average Order Value

People in the UK that regularly use Google in the UK to search for and find food, BEFORE they go on a food portal.


Re-Order Rate

Our average restaurant generates lots of new customers, data which can be used to re-market and drive even more orders.


New Customers

Because of modern technology we can pass on our efficiency savings directly to you. 

Upto 95%

Cheaper Than Food Portals

Our Websites and Apps Perform Rather Well

The true magic lies in pinpointing customers in my local area and seamlessly connecting us directly to them so they can order.”

John S | Mr Chips Swinton
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