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Customer Case Studies

Marketing and driving orders to our partners is our core mission. Here is a small selection of some results from some of our partners.


We've sourced a lot of orders to our clients, orders that didn't need a Food Portal.

750 million

Our algorithms harness the power to tap into the vast ocean of 750 million searches performed annually by hungry customers in the UK, intercepting them before they ever reach food portals. This strategic edge is our secret to driving your business's success.


Orders we've sourced. Somewhere a Food Portal sales man or woman is crying (probably) at this one. That's a staggering £30-£40m we've taken out of their pockets and put in yours.

Our Ability To Get You Busy Speaks For Itself

A Selection Of Our Clients

“Order Digital is the game-changer my restaurant desperately needed.”



App Customers


Takeaway in Sale offering its own bespoke blend of fast food to the local community. Since joining their business has grown at an incredible pace and they have opened a further three sites with us.

How We Get Emilio's Busy

Visibility is crucial in the crowded food market. Our mission: catapult Emilio's into the spotlight.

We tackled the challenge head-on, leveraging A.I. algorithms and 1,200 high-impact keywords. The result? Emilio's shone brightly for over 50,000 local residents, a stark contrast to the usual invisibility on popular food searches.

Our strategy didn't stop there. Google Ads broadened our horizon, capturing searches like "Best Burgers Near Me," while ensuring the Emilio's app became a top recommendation in both Apple and Android app stores.

For the offline crowd, striking flyers in third-party app orders highlighted the benefits of going direct with Emilio's. Reviews and a loyalty program further cemented their status, building a dedicated customer base.

Through a dynamic mix of online and offline tactics, Emilio's quickly rose to prominence in Manchester's food scene, transforming from a local gem to a digital powerhouse.

"I had no idea so many customers could be found on Google, we got customers striaght away!"

Demo | OWNER


Sourced Customers

Whittakers Fish Bar

Fish and Chip shop in Cheadle, uses our platform to provide delivery and takeaway orders. Has seen excellent growth and a surge in its Google Rankings since joining.

How We Got Whittakers Busy

We began by identifying over 10,000 local customers specifically searching for fish and chips, then quickly launched a sleek website and app for our client, Whittakers, making it highly visible to these potential customers.

To broaden our reach, we targeted an additional audience of 40,000 people who don't typically eat fish and chips, using smart keyword strategies to capture their interest and expand Whittakers' customer base.

Recognizing the challenge of third-party food portals diverting natural traffic, we implemented Google Ads for brand protection. This strategy defended Whittakers against competitors and saved significant amounts in potential lost commissions.

To ensure Whittakers dominated local food searches, we leveraged positive reviews and registered them with Google, boosting the shop's online rankings. Unlike reviews left on food portals, which benefit the portals, reviews registered with Google directly enhance the shop's visibility and credibility.

Thanks to these comprehensive marketing efforts, Whittakers not only established a strong online presence but also became the top fish and chip shop in the local area, growing a robust online business.

"Used for Table Service and Takeaway orders. A real hit with the team & customers and great for boosting orders"

Butchers Tap


Sourced Customers

Butchers Tap

Tom Kerridge's 5 start gastropub joined during lockdown, initially temporarily to get them through that difficult period. However the app provided to be a hit with the customers, boosting revenue, its been a staple since.

What We Did

Tom Kerridge's Butchers Tap, an award-winning brand led by a celebrity chef, required minimal marketing due to its renowned reputation. However, the need for an advanced online ordering system to handle high demand and enhance operational efficiency was paramount.

We introduced a comprehensive solution that supported both delivery and table service. By implementing QR codes at tables, customers enjoyed the convenience of easily scanning to order and even tipping waiters online. For takeaway services, the app enabled customers to place pre-orders and choose their pickup times.

This system not only streamlined business operations but also aligned with the exceptional service standards expected by customers. Following this success, we expanded the QR code system to a second location in Marlow, accommodating over 120 tables, further proving the system's effectiveness in improving service efficiency.

"We completely avoided the need to join food portals"

Mike | Owner


Sourced Customers

Sol's Takeaway

When Sol's joined they were sceptical. Not sure what an app would do, but a friend of Sol's had recommended us. They gave us a go and over 11000 customers later they couldn't be more delighted. Especially as they avoided using Food Portals such is the volume the app generates.

How Sol's Skipped The Portals!

Sols decided to dodge the high-cost, low-personality world of food portals, crafting his own digital destiny with a bespoke app and website. This wasn't just about going online—it was a declaration of independence, with Sols's unique flair front and center.

Leveraging the power trio of Google, Facebook, and Instagram, we didn't just market Sols; we made him a local hero. The "shop local" mantra was our rallying cry, resonating through every post, ad, and image. Our secret weapon? Pinpointing over 25,000 local customers already on the hunt for what Sols had to offer. We made sure Sols wasn't just another option—they couldn't miss him.

With a blend of Google Reviews, smart flyers, and a loyalty program, we kept Sols in the spotlight, turning first-time customers into loyal fans. But what really set Sols apart was the visual feast on his online platforms. Eye-catching, mouth-watering visuals not only showcased Sols's culinary art but also turned thousands of local eyes his way.

Sols's journey online is more than a success story; it's a masterclass in how to capture and captivate an audience, proving that the right mix of strategy, community focus, and visual appeal can turn an independent venture into a local legend.

"Love the fact we are ranked first on Google!"

Al | Owner


Sourced Customers

The Big Fish

Big Fish joined us as a recommendation. Once we setup the advertising algorithms they got off to a great start. They have since opened two shops and plan to start a delivery service.

What We Did

We delivered a comprehensive digital package for the business, including a custom app and website, alongside targeted marketing across multiple online channels such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

By optimising their Google profile and seamlessly integrating it with their website, we significantly increased their online visibility. Now, they consistently rank first on Google searches in their local area, driving substantial traffic to their business.

"It's a great system, they got us visible in our local area"

Owner - Pita Luv


Sourced Customers 

Pita Luv

Pita Luv is actually owned from a client that has another shop with us. It's a real testament when existing clients trust us with their latest projects. Pita Luv specialises in healthy and tasty kebabs. We launched them and within 24 hours our advertising algorithms were driving tens of orders per hours to them

What We Did

Pita Luv approached us dissatisfied with their previous provider due to insufficient orders. Our mission was clear: boost their business and make them a local favourite.

We immediately deployed our algorithms to target thousands in their area fitting their ideal customer profile. Our efforts were amplified by dedicated Google Ads, which attracted new customers, pulling them away from competitors and food portals alike.

The impact was immediate; within hours, Pita Luv began receiving orders, quickly rising to local fame.

To foster customer loyalty, we introduced a loyalty scheme, leveraged Google Reviews for visibility, and launched email marketing campaigns.

These strategies effectively transformed first-time visitors into dedicated, repeat customers.

"Our customers really love using this - we love the advertising as it drives in customers"

Ban | Owner


App Downloads

Bread & Butties

A great Sandwich shop that has been with us since the early days. They have since opened 5 sites with us and each one gets busier and busier each day. 

What We Did

We executed targeted marketing campaigns for each of their five locations, effectively driving traffic to their business and redirecting customers away from food portals.

Thousands of people search fo sandwiches online and we made sure Bread & Butties was visible on those searches. This was the key.

Our strategy included leveraging Google reviews to enhance online visibility. Additionally, we implemented email remarketing campaigns to re-engage customers, offering a cost-effective solution compared to the significant expenses associated with food portals.

To facilitate direct orders, we developed a user-friendly website and app, streamlining the ordering process for customers.

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