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5 Ideas To Boost Customer Loyalty And Order Values (part one)

Let’s start by saying, customer loyalty is everything. There can’t be many businesses that don’t rely on their clients coming back time after time to enjoy their wares.

Repeat orders are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise.

Customer loyalty is vital in the fast-food sector. There are hundreds of community takeaways that have been in business for decades. It’s all thanks to the loyalty of local people who will always enjoy the pleasure of popping out for a takeaway.

It’s in these community kitchens that thousands of classic ‘chippy teas’ were born. The ever-popular family treat that now applies to hospitality businesses of all stripes.

Today, loyalty is as much generated in cyberspace as it is over the counter. Loyalty begins with a few taps into a food ordering app and a wait for the meal to arrive on the doorstep.

The Order Digital Team know that customer loyalty is crucial. We design our market-leading products to include powerful tools and insights. These help our clients to build an enthusiastic fan base and a fast-flowing stream of reorders.

But let’s not be complacent. There’s more to customer loyalty than the tech. To boost order values and keep customers coming back, other marketing approaches come into play.

The following ideas will help.

1. Exclusive Offers

Customers love rewards in return for their custom. What’s the saying? It’s the little things that count. And they do! So you need to incentivise your regular clients to make an order.

It could be a discount, a complimentary dish, extra loyalty points or a small gift. Nothing expensive or complex, just a little something that makes your best customers feel special and helps nurture a long-term relationship.

A few well-considered exclusive offers will make those valuable reorders roll in!

2. Help Them Download Your App

Why go to all the effort to get an app then not encourage customers to add it to their phone? The team at Order Digital will make building your app easy then work with you to persuade as many people as possible to download it.

A superb way to kickstart your app launch is by offering everyone who signs up an incentive like money off, some free grub or entry into a prize draw.

Don’t forget once new app users are in the fold, you can further tempt them with an array of tasty offers, so it’s all good.


The classic buy-one-get-one-free. Bundled offers are great for increasing order values. It’s why they are so common in supermarkets as they always make people buy more.

Offering attractive discounts on set menus is an effortless way to bring BOGOF to your food business. Another might be to provide a gratis side dish when ordering four main courses or some free soft drinks when buying two or more extra-large pizzas.

All are great ways to boost the cash tally.

Why not take some time to work up some unmissable BOGOF bundles for your unique takeaway offer and then see your average order values soar.

4. Think Like Amazon

Amazon customers won’t fail to notice their ploy of ‘customers also buy’ when making an order. Well, you can do similar things when promoting your takeaway. Ideas like ‘great when served with…’ ‘best side dishes to complement…’ ‘add an extra sauce to boost the flavour’ ‘cheesy nachos are great with a burger’ or ‘great washed down with a chilled coke’.

Present customers with ideas that make the buying process straightforward and that will add a few quid to their order.

It’s what’s called a classic ‘win-win’!

5. Get Your Staff Selling!

Getting staff involved in your relationship building is vital. Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to add value. So whether it’s on the phone, over the counter or on the doorstep, don’t miss an opportunity.

Whenever your business is face to face with a punter, make it count.

Saying thank you is vital; that’s customer service 101. But making an extra effort to make clients glad to have got in touch will pay dividends. For example, try saying things like: ’ here are some prawn crackers to nibble on while you dish up’. ‘eat it’s while it’s hot. ‘let us know what you think’ or ‘here’s an extra stamp on your loyalty card’.

The possibilities are endless. As long as this feels friendly and authentic, it will stay with the client, and reorders will follow.

Please work with your staff on this aspect. It may not seem that important, but it can make all the difference so it’s worth putting in some effort.

Build Loyalty, Grow Your Business

We’ll return to these themes in part two of this series. We firmly believe customer loyalty is the basis of business success. Happy customers are the source of higher value and more frequent orders.

That’s why none of the above tactics should be done ad-hoc. Instead, a well-conceived strategy should support them.

Make these behaviours second nature, and your food business will serve loyal customers for years, or even decades to come.

If you need help in creating and implementing any of the above ideas, get in touch. We’ll show you how you can use these tactics along with your app to make a lasting impact on your hospitality business.

It’s not rocket science, honest!

Unlike other food ordering platforms, we’re committed to your success, so call our team today on 0161 222 7672 or visit to find out more.


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