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Delivering The Goods

In 1987 the CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, Jan Carlzon, published his groundbreaking book Moments of Truth: New Strategies for Today's Customer-Driven Economy. But what has this got to do with your local takeaway? Keep reading...

Carlzon was responsible for one of the most remarkable business turnarounds in corporate history. His ideas turned Scandinavian Airlines from a basket case to a world-beater. Central to this transformation was an unwavering focus on the customer. Carlzon summarised his approach with the pithy term: 'moments of truth'.

In practice, this means that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to impress. Whether during a sale, a complaint about the product, or the delivery, these are all ideal points to go the extra mile. In doing so, it’ll confirm to clients they've made a great decision choosing your business.

So whether it's travellers to an arrivals gate or a bag of tasty food to the doorstep, the same rules apply.

It may seem there's a vast gulf between an international airline and a local takeaway but think about it this way. You both deliver 'something' preferably in the best shape possible. So whether it's travellers to an arrivals gate or a bag of tasty food to the doorstep, the same rules apply.

And the most critical moment of truth for any hospitality business is the delivery to the customer of an unforgettable culinary experience.

Are You Hot To Trot?

A recent takeaway report from Which! highlighted a common customer complaint was their food arrived cold. This is especially common amongst the giant aggregators whose delivery staff often have several orders in their backpacks.

The question to ask is whether you're able to get your grub to customers kitchen-hot and ready to enjoy. You may need to look at your target catchment area, the scheduling, your packaging or indeed the vehicles you use. Over-stretching in any of these areas may bring more orders, but if quality suffers it’s unlikely bring reorders, and that’s where lasting customer value lies.

Review and adjust as required!

Who Goes There?

When your delivery staff arrive, does the client know it's you?

When your delivery staff arrive, does the client know it's you? We're not talking about showing identity papers, just that it's obvious the delivery is from your business. So are deliverers wearing branded uniforms for example? Do your delivery staff engage with clients in a friendly and appreciative way? These are all crucial moments of truth that can make a big difference

Finally, and, most important, has the food arrived on time?

The Livery

You'll have seen the big food portals take every opportunity to get their brand in front of the customer. It's on their packaging, vehicles and, of course, their expensive advertising.

You can do this too and with much greater effect. Maybe look to invest in some magnetic brand decals for your cars. Does your packaging showcase your logo big and bright as it’s brought to the door?

When the customer peeps through the curtains after the door bell rings, seeing your brand will be reassuring and help get the tastebuds going.

Show Your Papers

Every delivery is an opportunity to offer more than great grub. You can put some useful extras in the bag. For example, if you're launching your branded food ordering app, a leaflet with a QR code will encourage clients to download your new tech. Other items might be an updated menu, details of fresh seasonal dishes, special offers or details of the charities you support.

Never let a chance to deliver some extra value go by. And by far, the best way to do this is by popping appetising offers in with an order.

Simple, effective, job done!

Delivering Value

By launching your branded food delivery app, you've made a great start. Now it's time to capitalise on the control you have in creating moments of truth for all your customers.

Indeed your app can help by enhancing the delivery process and sparking a meaningful dialogue with customers. Right from the initial order through to the customer’s doorstep. And if you haven't noticed already, our app can now do this in several languages, so there's no excuse!

If you need some pointers on how your branded app can help you deliver exceptional service every time, give us a call, we'll be delighted to help you out.

Unlike other food ordering platforms, we're committed to your success, so call our team today on 0161 222 7672 or visit to find out more.


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