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Takeaway Owners Guide To Posting On Facebook

Posting on Facebook and building an audience on your own Facebook Page is a sure fire way to build your brand, gain new customers and boost your revenues.

You’ve thought about it before, maybe tried it, but now your looking for some expert tips to really nail it.

Posting on facebook is important for a very good reason. It has over 2 billion active users globally and nearly 40m users in the UK, meaning there is a good chance thousands of those users are within 5 miles of any business anywhere in the country.

This makes it the perfect platform to reach a large and diverse audience. Yes we know Tik Tok is the new kid on the block, but Facebook still has massive usage and is a great easy way to reach out to new customers.

So with your new Facebook page at the ready, here is our guide on how to create the perfect facebook post.

An anatomy of a facebook post.

1. The Caption:

This is what you type in above the image. It’s the core of your post. The caption includes:

  • The text itself - write this in an exciting way, and keep it short and sweet

  • Use Emojis

  • Include a Discount Code if its a promotional post

  • Add your link to your ordering platform (if you have one)

  • Add hashtags, these will help more people find your blog

2. The Image:

Use eye-catching images. Food images can help grab the attention of potential customers and entice them to learn more about your restaurant. Take photos of your food using a camera, your phones camera can take some pretty good photos so try that.

3. Post Title:

The post title is an eye catching headline, keep it punch and to the point. For example if you are if you are showcasing a discount say “20% Off Your Next Order”

4. The Call To Action:

Encourage customers to visit your restaurant by including calls to action in your posts, such as "Order Now!" or "Make a reservation now!”

Include a link to your online ordering: The biggest mistake made is to create a post and forget to post the link to your own website.

What to post. So now you’ve got the jist of what a Facebook post looks like you’ll want some ideas on what to post.

Post Housekeeping

There are a few house keeping rules you should stay on top of when running facebook posts.


Engaging with your customers through comments on your Facebook posts is crucial for building brand trust and loyalty. By actively responding to comments, you demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and create a sense of community around your business, which ultimately leads to increased orders.

Post Frequency

Before crafting your Facebook posts, it's crucial to keep in mind the importance of post frequency. Consistently publishing 2-3 times per week on your restaurant's Facebook page is essential for maintaining visibility and engagement with your audience. A sporadic posting schedule will not effectively promote your business and attract customers.

Post Ideas

No we have the understanding of what goes into a post and the general rules you will need to start creating some posts.

  1. Share mouthwatering photos of your dishes to entice customers to order.

  2. Offer exclusive deals or discounts for customers who order through your mobile app or website.

  3. Tell customers your own app / website is cheaper than ordering via your food portal listing (most don’t realise this)

  4. Share customer testimonials and reviews to build trust and credibility.

  5. Share behind-the-scenes content, such as videos of your chefs preparing dishes.

  6. Host a Facebook Live cooking demonstration or Q&A session.

  7. Share updates on your menu, such as new dishes or seasonal specials.

  8. Share information about your restaurant's history, story, or mission.

  9. Share news about your restaurant, such as awards or accolades.

  10. Share your restaurant's schedule, such as special events or extended hours.

  11. Use Facebook to host a contest, giveaway or a scavenger hunt with prizes for your customers

Example Posts You Can Use

Here are some example posts for the Caption you can use as a guide.

To encourage customers to order from your restaurant:

"Craving some delicious 🍔? Order now through our mobile app or website and enjoy 10% off your first order with code WELCOME10 🎉"

To announce a new dish: "Introducing our newest addition to the menu:

🍝! Made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, this dish is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Order now through our mobile app or website 🍴"

To offer a promotion with a discount code:

"It's time to treat yourself! Enjoy 15% off your entire order with code TREAT15 💸 when you order through our mobile app or website. Hurry, this offer won't last long! 🕰️"

Emojis can help to grab the attention of your audience and make your post more visually appealing. Be mindful of not overusing the emojis, use them to enhance the message, not distract the audience.

By keeping the above strategies in mind, you can confidently utilise Facebook to promote your business and attract a loyal following."


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