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You'll Be 'Appy' With 43% More Orders.

There's no doubt that the rise of food ordering apps has revolutionised the takeaway market. The impact of this technology has dramatically expanded the traditional reach of a food business. What was seen as a local offer serving hot food to a surrounding community now has the means to sell to clients up to several miles away and sometimes further.

And food ordering apps will only get better assuming providers add new features like seamless ordering and in-built marketing innovations. With a purpose-built app, the projected results for takeaways can be up to 43% more business, and much higher reorder rates as high as 95%.

That's if you've embraced this technology, of course.

The Food Ordering App Dilemma

Apps like Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo are where many takeaway owners will look first to start their food tech' journey. And there's no denying these businesses have had an enormous impact on the food delivery and click and collect sectors. That’s despite the downsides to using these platforms such as the considerable commission they charge as you can read in our blog here

there's also a belief that creating a bespoke branded app is costly and complicated - it isn't with the right company.

Expensive eye-catching marketing has helped to drive the growth of mainstream food portals but there's also a belief that creating a bespoke branded app is costly and complicated. It a situation not helped by independent software providers looking to make quick profits with bloated quotes to build a branded takeaway app.

Worse, many food businesses have paid money to firms offering a seemingly cheap app only to get sub-standard results from people who lack the right technical skills.

In the very worst cases, it results in a terrible app that frustrates customers and cost you reorders.

What Great Looks Like

It seems takeaway owners are trapped between the classic 'rock' and 'hard place'. You're either a victim of the sharp practice of the big portals or the snake oil sold by people who don't always know what they're doing. Not to mention the money they'll demand when you ask for extra features. Let's not go there.

It shouldn't be like this.

A well-designed food ordering app should guarantee your takeaway a flexible and scalable opportunity. One where your basket sizes are 34% bigger and up to 95% of customers make a reorder.

You should be free to use your branded app to award loyalty points, make unbeatable offers and promote seasonal specials. And of course, it should be on all popular mobile platforms and use Apple pay, PayPal and all other major payment gateways as standard.

Using a branded app means your logo is always on a clients' mobile device ready for a quick and simple order and a market-leading experience. Then you do what you do best and get your delicious hot food cooked and swiftly delivered.

Why would IU invest in someone else's brand, when I can invest in my own with my own app - Owner Emilios

That's what modern food orders should look and feel like and what your customers will increasingly come to expect.

Why not check if your food portal membership can do all that.

The Results Speak For Themselves

So what should you expect. We've already mentioned a good app will deliver increased orders but the real magic is the re-orders. With your own app, your customers is 8X more likely to re-order again and again with your app than they would with a website or a food portal.

The results our clients see is staggering.

The reason is simple, its easier! With a website there is no complex website address to remember and with a Food Portal, first the customer has to remember which Food Portal you are on, then they have to launch their app (helping to build their brand), and then find you in a list amongst all your competitors. With your own app, you avoid all of that. Re-orders equals complete "Appyness" (sorry pun intended).

Expect to see increased re-orders rates, higher basket sizes and lots more customers as word of mouth about your app spreads. With a loyalty system expect to see customers stay with you longer and your online social media presence grow.

Event better after a few weeks Google will start to take notice of all these new customers downloading your app, they will start to rank you and make it even easier for new customers to find you.

And all that means, more revenue in your pocket and 100% Commission saved!

Give Them Want They Want!

At Dept Of Digital, we've listened, researched and developed. We've market tested our best-in-class solutions and have built food ordering apps for many delighted takeaway owners who have seen their businesses boom.

Crucially, our branded apps have helped our clients to thrive even in the face of the COVID-19 challenges. As our client Andreas owner of Emilio's in Sale, Greater Manchester says:

"Since getting the app, we've seen a strong increase in orders from our customers. Can't believe it doesn't cost us anything!"

Our Promise

And that's our promise to you. We'll build you a state of the art food ordering app provided with NO COMMISSION to pay, NO SETUP COSTS, NO HIDDEN CHARGES and NO FIXED MONTHLY FEES. Guaranteed!

Email and let us get your app up and running. Let's get you higher profits and thrilled customers. That really is the order of the day!


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