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Dept Of Digital Ltd here a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 12556517 whose registered address is Westminster House, 10 Westminster Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 1BX (the “Dept Of Digital”, “Supplier”, “Dept Of Digital” or “Us”) offer services that support other businesses to offer you their own online ordering service, via either branded WebsiteS or Mobile Apps powered by our software, products and services (“Services”).

This privacy policy describes how we manage Personal Data we collect through our Services and also via our online presence, which include our main website at, as well as Services we provide to Venue Users such as the dStation and (“Online Dashboard”, “Dashboard”).

Please read the following Privacy Policy which governs how your Personal Data is processed, with whom it is shared, your rights and how you can contact us. You agree and where required you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information as set out in this policy.

1 Overview

Dept of Digital obtains Personal Data about you via the Services we offer to Venue. Those Venue in turn offer their own service (powered by our Service) “You” may be a “Visitor” to one of our Websites or a user of our Services where our Service is used to enable your customers to place orders with you (“Venue”) or a person that is added to the account of a Venue (“Venue User”) such as our “dStation” or our Online Dashboard or a customer of a Venue who places orders with the Venue via the Services (“End User”, “Customer”).

If you are a Venue Customer or End User, your Privacy Policy is here.

2 Personal Data That Is Collected About You

We collect data based on how you engage with us or our Services. 

2.1 Dept Of Digital Client ("Merchant"). If you are someone who requests our Services for your business (a "Merchant", "Venue" or "Vendor") and you have an Dept Of Digital account with us, then as part of the setup process we will collect data about you. We will collect the following details about you:

  • Name

  • User Name

  • Email Address

  • Date Of Birth

  • Government Identifiers associated with your organisation (such as your tax number, or Employer Identification Number)

  • VAT no where applicable

  • Business Information (such as your Company Name, Company Number, VAT Number, DUNS number and other relevant business information inc details of our Payment Processor).

  • Telephone Number

  • Account Login Details  (e.g password)

  • Payment Details such as Credit Card Details and Bank Details

  • Verification Documents (inc Passport Photo, Employment Badge, Drivers Licence and or other identifiying information)

  • Business Documenation (inc Business Identifying Doucments such as utlity bills, invoices etc)

2.2 Website User. When you access any of our websites or when when you fill-in our online form to contact our sales team, we collect the following information about you: 


  • Name,

  • Email Address,

  • Country,

  • Phone number,

  • IP Address and other digitally available information available through your browser,

  • Anything else you tell us about you.


You agree that we may contact you based on the information you provide and that we may also pass your Personal Data and information to a third party business partner (such as Sales or Marketing Partners) we work with and that they may contact you directly.

2.3 Merchant User. If you are using our services as a User on behalf of a Dept Of Digital Client (e.g you have an account with us so you can access or use the services on behalf of our clients) you will need to register an account. As part of this process we will collect the following details about you:

  • Name

  • User Name

  • Email Address

  • Account Login Details  (e.g password)

  • Authorisation Level

  • Product Interaction Information


In addition by using the Platform we will also be able to collect information that indicates your working efficiency and practices.

2.4 Merchant Customer or Merchant End User. When you use any of the Services that we provide on behalf of a Venue or Vendor (e.g you are trying to place an order for food via one of our clients ordering channels, such as a mobile ordering app or website that we have provided for them on their behalf), you may be asked to provide the following information

  • Name

  • User Name

  • Email Address

  • Delivery Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Account Login Details  (e.g password)

  • Payment Details such as Credit Card Details

  • Digital information related to the device you are accessing the Platform with (e.g IP Address, Device Identifies and Type etc)

In addition by using the Platform or Services, and when you place orders through the Platform or Services we collect the following details related to your use of the Platform or Services:

  • Order Details (items, quantity and price, order code, order date, payment method, billing or shipping address and similar details)

  • Collection details (such as delivery address, table number currently sat at)

  • Ordering Frequency

  • Order History

  • Loyalty Points Balance

  • Stamp / Voucher Balance

  • Discount Codes and use of such codes

  • Favourite Items

  • Venue you have ordered with, and their location

  • Order history

  • Notifications, such as Delivery, Order and Fulfilment Notifications

  • Any other information that can be derived from your order

Your order history will also be stored as will where applicable your Loyalty Points balance, use of discount codes, favourite items and where applicable, achievements. In addition the Venue may use all the information you provide to contact you with any element regarding the Service they offer you.

In addition by using the Platform or Services, and when you place orders through the Platform or Services you will also provide details in your order that indicate your:

  • Food and drink preferences

  • Health Information

  • Religious Beliefs

  • Eating Habits

This information will be shared with us so that we can fulfil our obligations in relation to the Services we offer the Venue and so that you may use the services. In this capacity we act as a Data Processor. When you make payments or conduct transactions through an Ordering Channel powered by our platform, your information will be stored in our system which will be accessible by the Venue, the Venue's users and staff, ourselves, third party companies we use to provide support, our authorised users and any Payment Processors that either we or the Venue use to facilitate the payment of your transaction. 

2.5 Data Collected From All Users  

By using the Platform or any part of our Services , the following data may be automatically collected from all users:

  • IP Address

  • Browser Information

  • Device Identifiers

  • Cookie Data, inc Session, Third Party and Persistant Cookies.

  • Crash Data

  • Location

  • App Usage Data

We may also collect information about your usage of the Website, Platform and Service and information about you from any materials (such as messages and reviews and telephone calls) you make, or post to the Website, Product, App or Service and the e-mails or letters or any other communication you send to us.

2.5 Contacting Use By Phone If you contact us by phone, we will collect the phone number you use to call us. If you contact us by phone as a Venue User, we may collect additional information in order to verify your identity such as organisation details (such as Company No, Duns number, business address).

2.6 Other Methods of Contacting Use You may also choose to submit information to us via other methods, including:

(i) in response to marketing or other communications,

(ii) through social media or online forums,

(iii) through participation in an offer, program or promotion,

(iv) in connection with an actual or potential business relationship with us, or

(v) by giving us your business card or contact details at trade shows or other events.We may collect all information that is provided to us, through our Venue, our Website or any of the Services we offer and we may collect data that you provide us even if you provide it directly to us, or if it is provided to us by a legal representative of yours.

2.7 General Collection By accessing this Platform or Website or Service or our App or using any of our other online ordering routes, then you should expect that our data collection and usage as set out in this Privacy Policy will apply in that context too. We may collect technical information from your mobile device or your use of the Website or the Service through a mobile device, for example, location data and certain characteristics of, and performance data about, your device, carrier/operating system including device and connection type, IP address, mobile payment methods, interaction with other retail technology such as use of NFC Tags, QR Codes or use of mobile vouchers. This information may be collected and used by us automatically if you use the Website or Service through your mobile device(s) or via our Suppliers who process our data on our behalf.

3. Information that we collect automatically on our Sites, Apps (“Platform”)

3.1 The Services we offer may use cookies and other technologies to function effectively. These technologies record information about your use of the Services, including:

3.1.2 Browser and device data, such as IP address, device type, operating system and Internet browser type, screen resolution, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, language, plug-ins, add-ons and the language version of the Sites you are visiting;

3.1.3 Usage data, such as time spent on the Services, pages visited, links clicked, Apps Used (that are powered by our Services), language preferences, and the pages that led or referred you to any part of our platform.

3.2 We also collect information about your online activities on websites and apps that we create for and on behalf of Venue and connected devices over time and across third-party websites, devices, apps and other online features and services. We use Google Analytics on our Platform or Services to help us analyse Your use of our Platform or Services and diagnose technical issues.


4 How We Use Personal Data

We rely upon a number of legal grounds to ensure that our use of your Personal Data is compliant with applicable law. We use Personal Data to facilitate the business relationships we have with our Clients (Venues), to comply with our financial regulatory and other legal obligations, and to pursue our legitimate business interests. We may also use Personal Data to assist with the initiation of payment transactions and to provide payment-related services to Venue’s. We do not however handle or process payment transactions ourselves, instead we use a 3rd Party Provider with whom Data will be transferred.

4.1. Your information will enable us to provide you with access to the relevant parts of the Services or Platform. If you are a Venue Customer, your data will also enable the Services or Platform to bill you on behalf of the Merchant and enable the payment processor (which is not us) to bill the Venue with whom you have placed an order. 

4.2 We (on behalf of the Venue) and the Venue may use your information to provide you with status updates or other information regarding your order by e-mail, telephone, mobile or mobile messaging (e.g. SMS, MMS etc.), push notifications, chatbot and any other available means of communicating to you.

4.3 We will also use and analyse the information we collect so that we can administer, support, improve and develop our Services and Platform, for any other purpose whether statistical or analytical and to help us prevent fraud.

4.4 We may also use your data (on behalf of the Venue) to perform analysis and modelling so that it can be provided to the Venue to enable them to improve their services.

4.5 We may use your data for our Legitimate Business Interests. These interests include (but are not limited to)

4.5.1 Monitor, prevent and detect fraud and unauthorised payment transactions;
4.5.2 Mitigate financial loss, claims, liabilities or other harm to all Users and us and our partners;
4.5.3 Respond to inquiries, send service notices and provide Venue and/or Venue User  and/or Partner and/or Agent and/or Venue Customer support;
4.5.4 Promote, analyse, modify and improve our products, systems, and tools, and develop new products and services;
4.5.5 Manage, operate and improve the performance of our Platform, Sites and Services by understanding their effectiveness and optimising our digital assets and Service Usage;
4.5.6 Analyse and advertise our products and services;
4.5.7 Conduct aggregate analysis and develop business intelligence that enable us to operate, protect, make informed decisions, and report on the performance of, our business;
4.5.8 Share Personal Data with third party service providers that provide services on our behalf and business partners which help us market, operate and improve any elements our business;
4.5.9 Ensure network and information security throughout Stripe and our Services; and
4.5.10 Transmit Personal Data within our affiliates for internal administrative purposes.

4.5.11 Share your personal data with support partners. We share Personal Data with third party business's who we use to provide Support Services to Venues. All our Venues receive support from either ourselves or one of our Business Partners who provide support on our behalf and will require access to Personal Data to offer such support to enable provision of the Platform and Services to you.  

4.12 Marketing and events-related communications: We may send you email marketing communications about Dept Of Digital products and services, invite you to participate in our events or surveys, or otherwise communicate with you for marketing purposes, provided that we do so in accordance with the consent requirements that are imposed by applicable law. For example, when we collect your contact details through our participation at trade shows or other events, we may use the information to follow-up with you regarding an event, send you information that you have requested on our products and services and, with your permission, include you on our marketing information campaigns. Where you mark accordingly on any of our Venue Provided Services that you wish to receive marketing and events-related communications from the Venue’s own third party suppliers (which will include us) we may also contact you.
If you are a Venue Customer, we do not use, share, rent or sell the Personal Data of our Venue’s Customers for interest-based advertising.

4.13 Advertising: When you visit our web sites, we (and our service providers) may use Personal Data collected from you and your device to target advertisements for our Services to you on our Sites and other sites you visit (“interest-based advertising”), where allowed by applicable law. For example, when you visit our Main Site, we will use cookies to identify your device and direct ads for our Services to you. At present, there is no industry standard for recognising Do Not Track browser signals, so we do not respond to them.



If you are a Venue Customer, we do not use, share, rent or sell the Personal Data of our Venue’s Customers for interest-based advertising.

5. How We Disclose Personal Data

5.1 Dept Of Digital and any Parent or Group Companies. We share Personal Data with other Dept Of Digital entities in order to provide our Services and for internal administration purposes.

5.2 Service Providers. We share Personal Data with our service providers. We have service providers that provide services on our behalf, such as identity verification services, website hosting, data analysis, information technology, sales, Venue support, Venue customer support and Venue user support and related infrastructure, customer service, email delivery, and auditing services. These service providers may need to access Personal Data to perform their services. We authorise (and you agree to such authorisation) such service providers to use or disclose the Personal Data only as necessary to perform services on our behalf or comply with legal requirements. Our service providers are predominantly located in the European Union and the United States of America.

5.3 Business Partners. We share Personal Data with third party business partners when this is necessary to provide our Services to Leads, Venues or Customers. Examples of third parties to whom we may disclose Personal Data for this purpose are banks and payment method providers, and our sales agents (who may contact you directly based on data we collect from you) and our professional services firms or technical or business support firms that we partner with to help us deliver the service.

5.4 In certain emergency situations (such as during a pandemic, or if a Venue suffers a major issue that requires communication to you or Venue Customers), we may need to share your personal information with other users of the service in order to expedite the sharing of such information (for example to communicate to you not to crowd near a Venue Restaurant due to Social Distancing requirements).  

5.5 Corporate Transactions. In the event that we enter into, or intend to enter into, a transaction that alters the structure of our business, such as a reorganisation, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, change of control, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets or stock, we may share Personal Data with third parties in connection with such transaction. Any other entity which buys us or part of our business will have the right to continue to use your Personal Data, but only in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy unless you agree otherwise.

5.6 Compliance and harm prevention. We share Personal Data as we believe necessary: (i) to comply with applicable law, or payment method rules; (ii) to enforce our contractual rights; (iii) to protect the rights, privacy, safety and property of Dept Of Digital,, you or others; and (iv) to respond to requests from courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, and other public and government authorities, which may include authorities outside your country of residence.

6. How Venue’s may use your Personal Data

6.1 Our services are used by Venues so they may provide you with access to their own products and services. Our services allow Venues to do the following, which you agree to.

6.1.1 View, access and see all your Personal Data

6.1.2 Make that data (subject to their own Privacy Policy) available to other people or entity’s whom they wish (such as their own staff, separate companies who are supporting them, their business partners, agents, suppliers etc)

6.1.3 Contact you for their legitimate business purposes

6.1.4 Instruct us to contact you on their behalf

6.1.5 Provide your personal data to their Credit Card Processor to assist with
receiving payment for any Product or Goods you order from them

6.1.6 Offer and manage loyalty points and achievements on your behalf

6.1.7 Communicate favourite items, waiting times, delivery slots and other pertinent information to you.

6.1.8 Contact you in case in relation to any order you place with them


7. How Our Support Partners may use your Personal Data


7.1 Support Partners. We share Personal Data with third party business's who we use to provide Support Services to Venues. All our Venues receive support from either ourselves or one of our Business Partners who provide support on our behalf and will require access to Personal Data to offer such support to enable provision of the Platform and Services to you.

Our business support parters are allowed to - for the purposes of providing support only: 
7.1.1 View, access and see all your Personal Data
7.1.2 Contact you for the purposes of providing support (e.g if you an issue placing an order and they have been asked to contact you by the venue)
7.1.3 Instruct us to contact you on their behalf
7.1.4 Provide support services as required by the Venue and inline with their obligation to us.


8. Security & Retention

8.1 We make reasonable efforts to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk associated with the processing of Personal Data. We maintain organisational, technical and administrative measures designed to protect Personal Data within our organisation against unauthorised access, destruction, loss, alteration or misuse. Your Personal Data is only accessible to a limited number of personnel who need access to the information to perform their duties. Unfortunately, no data, or data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. You accept that any data you submit via the Services we offer or into a Platform we power on behalf of a Venue (e.g your Name, contact details etc) is entirely at your own risk and we cannot guarantee that your data will not be the subject of unauthorised access, destruction, loss, alteration, misuse or data breach, or data loss. This is an inherent risk for all data which cannot be 100% mitigated.

8.2 You accept that in the instance your Personal Data suffers any unauthorised access, destruction, loss, alteration, misuse, loss of control or data breach, that it can in no way (weather real or theoretical) cause you any material or immaterial damage or distress or damage. If the loss of Personal data has the capacity in any way, via any means, to cause you any financial or non financial or material or immaterial damage or distress,  or to suffer damages beyond a "de-minimis" threshold, you are not permitted to enter it into our Platform or into any Service that we power on behalf of a Venue. We cannot accept any data from you that is capable of causing you harm or distress or damage above a "de-minimis" threshold whoever so brought, if it is the subject of a data breach. If this is the case you cannot enter your data.

8.3 Should you suffer a Loss of your Personal Data you will at your Best Endeavours seek to minimise all losses, damage and distress that could be caused. For example you will cancel immediately your Credit Cards associated with the account.

8.4. Where you have chosen a password which allows you to access certain parts of the Platform, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. You are also responsible for keeping secure and safe any devices (such as a Mobile Phone, Laptop or Computer that allows you or anyone to access our Platform or Service) .We advise you not to share your password with anyone. Unless we negligently and purposefully disclose your password to a third party, we will not be liable for any unauthorised transactions entered into using your name and password. Should your devices used to access the platform become lost or stolen we will also not be liable for any unauthorised transactions as these devices should have adequate password protection.


8.5 You agree that (except for Credit Card Numbers which we do not Store) any data you upload into our Platform or Venue Application that we power is anodyne information and whilst it may be Personal Data, it is not capable of causing you any harm or distress above a "de-minimis" level, should that data be part of a data breach, however so caused.


9.1. You have the right to see the information we hold about you ("Access Request") and to ask us to make any changes to ensure that it is accurate and up to date. If you wish to do this, please contact us using the contact details set out below. In the event that you make an Access Request, we reserve the right to charge a fee of fifty pounds (£50.00) to meet our costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you. If we estimate that your access request will cost us more than the maximum fee we can charge you, we may decline your access request.

9.2 Opt Out. If you no longer wish to receive marketing emails from us you may opt-out by contacting us on the email below, we will try to comply with your request at a time of our convenience. Please note that if you opt-out of receiving marketing-related emails from us, we may still send you important administrative messages or status updates related to your use of the Service that are required to provide you with our Services.



10.1 You accept in using our platform that the data you enter including your Name,Email Address and Phone Number will not be considered by you or us to be Private Data or Confidential, it will be treated as Non Confidential. Such information you accept is not Private.

10.2 You accept that the email and user name you are asked to enter into the information is not information that can personally identify you.


11.1 The Services are not directed to individuals under the age of thirteen (13), and we request that they not provide Personal Data through the Services.


12.1 Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted to this Website and, where appropriate, through e-mail notification.


14.1. All comments, queries and requests relating to our use of your information are welcomed and should be addressed

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