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We Bring Hungry Customers To Your Door

Restaurants use Order Digital to reach thousands of local customers, enabling direct orders on their own apps and websites, bypassing the need for food portals.

Ever Heard of an AI Powered Online Ordering Platform? No, Neither Did We — Until We Invented It. 

Our AI can find millions of customers, all looking to order from local takeaways and it can send them directly to you, ordering via your very own website and app —  that we’ll provide.

Hundreds Of Happy Clients


How We Get You Orders

Your Own Website & App

We provide you with your own branded state-of-the-art ordering website and mobile ordering apps. As well as taking orders direct, your apps are integrated with Google and Social Media for extra order generating oomph.

Next, You Need Advertising, Else No Orders!

Massive Marketplace

To succeed, you need to reach customers.


Using Artificial Intelligence we can detect up to 51 million real-time food searches on Google and Social Media each month, giving you access to more customers than are available directly on all food portals combined!

Get Matched To Hungry, Local Customers

Once we identify potential customers local to you we can connect you directly to them with Smart Ads, Viral Social Posts, SMS, Emails and more directly on their computers, tablets and smart phones.

Those ads will point to your own website and apps, driving the customers in.

AI Powered Advertising

Access thousands of customers in your local area, without a food portal.

Branded Ordering Platform

Take orders on your own website and app — grow your brand.

Marketing, Not Marketing Tools

We’ll handle ongoing marketing, to keep you front of mind of your customers.

Great Client Support

Unlimited quick and efficient support from our local UK team of experts.

Peace Of Mind

Sit back and relax, let us market your business and set up everything for you.

Start For Free

Pay nothing until you start getting orders. Yes, we're that confident.



We realise that in the fast-paced world of business, time is your most precious commodity. Sit back, let us set up your ordering platform, market it and bring the customer to your door — just make them some yummy food!

Let's See Some Numbers


We've sourced a lot of orders to our clients, orders that didn't need a Food Portal.


The revenue we target to send new Restaurants within 12 many cases we can do a lot better.


Orders we've sourced. Somewhere a Food Portal sales man is crying (probably) at this one. That's a staggering £30-£40m we've taken out of their pockets and put in yours.

Parker Stuart

The Chippy - Manchester

Get the marketing prowess of the Food Delivery giants, but securing orders to your own website, on your own brand at a fraction of the price.


Payton Hillman

Belle's Cafe

We've experienced a significant boost in orders and revenue. Their platform has given us a branded online presence and their advertising has helped us reach a wider audience.


Highly Recommended!


Riley Jones

Burger Shack

We've been extremely impressed with Order Digital's services. Their platform has given our takeaway a polished, branded online presence that resonates with our customers. Their advertising  has also helped us attract new clientele, we're very happy.


Approved By Our Clients

Our Insights


Start Accepting New Customers For Free

Risk Free

Integrated Marketing

Limited Offer

Branded App

Zero Upfront Fees

Branded Website

Imagine The Marketing Power Of A Food Portal,

But Dedicated To Your Brand Only

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