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Earn Recurring Revenue With Order Digital

With Order Digital you can earn over £100k p.a. in referral income, each year, every year.
Welcome to a new age of earnings.

The Golden Opportunity

Online ordering is a booming £10bn per year industry

Online food ordering is a booming, thriving industry driven by over 50m online searches for food every month in the UK alone.

Yet it is dominated by food portals

Major food portals have positioned themselves as the only method for restaurants & takeaways to tap into this huge market. They impose huge commissions on restaurants and takeaways for this privilege.

Order Digital solves this problem

Our distinct solution connects restaurants directly to the millions of potential customers searching online for food each month.

By strategically marketing our clients on Google, Social Media (including Facebook and Instagram) along with other high-traffic online platforms, we can detect and send customers directly to our clients.

1. A Solution Restaurants Want

Restaurants crave orders, but they don't want to pay crippling commissions to food portals to get them. They would much prefer a solution that promotes their own brand and actually gets them orders, without the sky-high commission. Order Digital is that solution.

2. Industry Leading Commissions For Our Referral Partners

Our product doesn't just work; it's a revenue powerhouse for restaurants. With lower commissions our partners pass on savings to customers, making direct ordering the preferred choice for 99% of customers over expensive food portals.

3. Why Settle For Less

With us, you earn more with fewer referrals, all while providing an indispensable service that empowers hardworking businesses to thrive.

Why Work With Us?

Our solution equips restaurants & takeaways with everything they need. A branded website and custom mobile ordering app. But perhaps more importantly, we provide substantial marketing firepower to get our clients busy. All at a fraction of the price of using food portals.

What Can You Earn?

We offer the best of both worlds. We can pay a fee per sale and we can pay an on going annuity, allowing you to build your own business.

Earn up to £450, per client successfully referred
Plus yearly bonuses based on 5% of Qualifying Revenue* per client

The table below is an indicative example of what you could earn per client, 
based on an order volume of £120,000 a year.

The more referrals you make, the more you can earn.

It's Super Easy

Our programme is designed to be super easy. We'll give you the requisite training about our product and the benefits it offers restaurants and takeaways, so you can identify potential clients we can help.

Then all you need to do is make an introduction and we'll do the rest.

You'll receive a unique sign-up link, which you can post online, or you can provide us with contact details of potential clients. No need to engage in complex sales, onboarding or support- we will handle everything.


It's that simple!

Ready For Your Slice Of That £10bn pie?

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