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Notes For Terms Update Effective 2nd April 2022

We regularly update our terms and conditions to reflect ongoing changes to the platform, our system and wider industry changes.

This document outlines the key changes to our terms & conditions effective 28th March 2022.

Key Changes

- Marketing Terms

Going forward we will be able to support and help you Market your business particularly on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. For selected partners we may offer a 2 month Free Trial of our social media marketing service designed to generate you more orders and customers from Social Media and Google, whilst also accelerating the migration of customers from food portals. If you'd like to be an early adopter of this new service, please get in touch. Alternatively in the coming weeks, our marketing team will soon get in touch with you directly to discuss this service with you.

- Enhanced Fraud Detection

As the popularity of online ordering increases, so does the number of malicious people looking to commit fraud. We already have strong fraud detection in place (e.g blocking stolen cards), however we have recently enhanced the system to better detect and prevent hospitality specific fraud patterns which are emerging globally and locally. One area of Fraud on the rise is malicious customers raising disputes for food they have correctly received because they know the credit card companies will likely give their money back no questions asked. Our new Fraud Detection tech - called Defender - aims to identify these types of malicious customers and other hospitality specific fraud patterns. When a Hospitality specific fraud pattern is detected we can take action. For example we can raise a Pin Code or 3D Secure check on the transaction, which if correctly entered by the customer, transfers the risk of the transaction from you to the bank. Although our platform already has low rates of fraud and disputes, this new technology will further protect you as the world becomes increasingly dependent on online ordering. Depending on your plan their will be a fee from £0.00- £0.03 per screened transaction.

- Customer Card Details Auto Updater

Credit card's expire every 3 years - 5 years. When they do our data suggests customers will stop ordering. To prevent the likelihood of lost orders, we have introduced new technology that automatically keeps your customers cards updated with the latest card numbers, allowing your customers to keep on ordering with you. There is a small fee for this service of 0.007p - 0.012p per customer per month. We can turn it off, which will result in the removal of customer accounts for cards due to expire, however the additional orders this feature will deliver should more than cover this negligible fee. If you would like this option turned off - please contact us.


- Payout Fees

As with all industries we are facing increased costs, particularly credit card processing costs where we have seen direct increases in the cost of initiating and transferring funds to your account. We have done our best to minimise and absorb this cost, but we aren't able sustain this policy without impacting the quality of your service. Going forward we will begin to introduce a nominal 0.35% fee to cover the additional cost we are incurring in processing your orders and transferring the funds to you. Note this fee is only applied on your payout not your order value, thus lowering the overall value. This will not apply to our Partners that joined within the last 6 months.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you

Team Order Digital

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